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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Chapter Twelve: Unchoreographed Blog Entry

So my friends have been bitching that I haven't really updated my blog as often as I used to... and that my blog is pretty... how should we say this... choreographed... and too tight. I guess after work I'm pretty burned out in the day (or lazy, whatever is which) to actually take the time to write my weblog about Hong Kong. In the past I have usually been very ritualistic in the sense that I would really ... REALLY... take the time to go to a coffee shop with a journal in hand (or if I really want to try, the laptop....) to choreograph an amazing piece of weblog...unfortunately in the end, it the process just hurt the whole "thing" because I would just start to put the whole blog thing off (like the gym) because it was just too much work. But now writing, (like the gym) has to really start up again. It's really unfortunate... because I always have writing in my head all the time... if only one of these thoughts can touch paper... or at least... the computer screen.

Ever since the last paragraph above... it's been three hours, and i'm tired, sleepy, and pissed off... that I have gone through about 5 different versions of this blog entry. Whatever. Basically, In a nutshell I was just writing about how I've been here in Hong Kong for about 6 months now, and I'm really really absolutely loving it.

After choking on wall-dust on a Sunday afternoon for about 5 hours... trying to drill large holes in order to put up artwork... I sat back to finally enjoy my fully furnished WanChai apartment. I then said to myself... "Nice James... here you go... you finally have your own Home."

A girl from Hawaii named Marysol moved to my firm this past week. She's pretty cool, and she's in a band! Anyway, I've been taking her around "My City" the past few days... (Yes Hong Kong is now officially, "My City") taking her to my eating places, showing her my neighborhood, and my shortcuts. She of course was absolutely impressed... and actually, so was at I at my own familiarity with the city. From drinks in Ashley Street in TST, to a loathing of drunk expats in LKF, chillin' with friends in nice private bars on Wellington, to feasting on really great Indian Restaurants in Chungking Mansions... I was now showing Ms. Mary, a Hong Kong in the way I've been living it... the way my local friends like Liz and Jimmy have done for me when I first moved here. It's refreshing to know that I can now share my city for other people the way that others have done for me... and do it with a lot of pride to spare. If only I have the time and patience, I'll probably write a blog or an entry of all my favorite local hotspots (I started, but then I deleted because there's way too much to list). Anyway, I'm just too exhausted to do all of that right now. God... I soooo love this City... by the way, in case I forget... Gong Hai Fa Choi! and Happy Chinese New Year to you!

That this blog entry really sucks. Liz knows how stressed out I got just by writing this entry. Let's see I started at 10 PM, it's now 1 AM. And what do i have to show for it? Nothing.... well something... but really not much of anything.

ABOVE: A photo of my flat... fully freakin' decked out. The House is now a Home.


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