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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Chapter Thirteen: Year of the Fire Dog

Chinese_womandoglgHappy Chinese new year to you! (which apparently is the real new year.) Things are fine in HK, and I absolutely love it here... anyway, the part about "earthquake" and "earth" is pretty interesting, because the Feng-Shui masters, Geomancers, face readers, and psychics here in Hong Kong, pretty much agree that the this year (Year of the Dog) will bring an earthquake (maybe in the United States... maybe North America in General... and anywhere with the word "Central" or "Center" or "Middle") starting from the 3rd month of the year (April) to the last portions of the summer (October- 7th month of the year). (I see that 1,3,7,8 are the important and key numbers of the year.) I already warned my sister living in LA... and Lillian I'm warning you too! But I have to watch for myself, Asia will also be affected by this... while Indonesia will apparently get the blunt of it, Tokyo and Hong Kong will for the first time be majorly affected, especially its infrastructure.

While the theme is "Get it fixed in 2006"... all the guys here are pretty much unanimous that this will be a year of accidents and tragedies and natural disasters, and an escalation of war (especially within the 3rd month)... that will pretty much leave the avian flu, (while still a problem), in the dust. They also agree that humanity and group spirituality will be this year's only salvation.

And that is pretty much what's going on in the year of the "Fire Dog" as they say.

Lets brace ourselves.


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