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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Chapter Nine: The Kid Shines Through.

Bruce jumped around from place to place showing me all the coolest videos and DVDs at a joint called "Kubrick" in Yau Ma Tei last night. It was a pseudo-store/cafe/ with a library just for indie films and rare movies from around the world. For a measly hundred bucks a year you can eat as many of these treasures as you want for free. In front of me, a selection of Almodovar, Fellini, Tufault, and Godard enough to make any fanboy melt into the ground.

I hate to say this, and it's not a bad thing-- but Bruce remindds me of a 15-year old kid-- me at 15 actually, the one who went to Art School in Rhode Island and I just got started emersing myself in independent films, a place like this would have made me jump around like a crazy nut as well. They didnt have anything like this in Fort Worth-- these movies would be little getaways from the world of Albertson's Grocery Store, Gap, and Body Shop. Funny, the only thing that moved were the sides of my lips... forming a smile... smiling at Bruce and a thought of myself ten years ago in the anticipation of taking one of these videos home just so I can get away from all of it.

But I AM away. I'm in Hong Kong... at the other side of the world... or... the opposite of New York... and more than the opposite of Texas.. Yau Ma Tei or Temple Street Night Market, was the type of vibrant place-- an exotic place, even for the HK friends I've made since the three months living here-- that I saw in movies about Hong Kong in my comfortable couch in Fort Worth. Whether it was a surreal representation of a Wong Kar Wai film, or a gritty and slick version of an action flick, or a cute mess of a place as in a Sammi Chung romance, this place was it. Vendor's tables selling all types of random things from China, from Argyle wool sweaters, to droopy bags, from action heroes, to alarm clocks, you can find it here.

As for food, it's everywhere. The tables spill on out into the street, and the crowd--- mostly the young, the single, and the hip eating fast street food where quantity, efficiency, and flavor is the find-- over cleanliness and hygeine. Empty unoccupied buildings on street level give way for makeshift seating areas with carts on wheels that can deep fry anything from tripe to fish balls. Y
ummy! I was living in it. I was in it. That was what I came to HK for! The crowd, the smells, the taste, and the vibrancy of the whole thing. Eveything is sort of unfinished, or in the process of forming... which is pretty exciting. Anyway, the young kid in me was slowly peeking out which was nice.

A friend told me that I should looking into the "PAC" system. "P" stands for Parent, "A" stands for Adult, and "C" stands for Child. All of us (people) have to apparently have some variation of PAC. Ideally it would be equal amounts of all three... 33/33/33%. PAC has its good parts as well as its bad. The "P" or Parent, would be the parts of ourselves that would take care of us, take ourselves to the doctor, clean our house, fix the bed, do the laundry. The bad parent however would be the parts that would be brutal... brutally unforgiving, brutally manipulative, brutally sets boundaries, and is the punisher of meny self-defined faults. "A" or Adult would be the parts of us that would go for a career or find a job, or go to school... basically to earn the money to pay bills, make the balances work, etc. The bad adult would make a life that revolved around finances, would create debts, would or would not pay the bills, would choose to hurt others.. etc. The "C" or child, would be the playful kid... the self that would go out with friends, would go to the movies, be the creative one... or the one who procrasinates on Sundays for a newspaper, a magazine, tea, and a scone. The bad child would live in excess-- would only want to be heard but not listen, would be dramatic, would drain energy from themselves and others around them.

When my friend told me that I really should evaluate this "PAC", at first I could not grab the concept-- but ever since I realized how far removed I was from my 15-year old self last night at Kubrick... the whole thing started to make sense. Anyway, somewhere from high school, through college, and finally in New York... the kid or the child just stopped having a voice... at this moment I think the adult has an overwhelmingly neurotic control over the other two with the parent in cahoots to keep the kid quiet. Some things have to change. Just a thought.

Kubrick -
Cafe, Magazine Shop, Bookstore, DVDs, VCD's of only World Indipendent Films. Membership fee $100 HK.

YAU MA TEI (Temple Street Night Market)
- District with a whole bunch of Market vendors, and food stalls. Pretty funky scene.


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