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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Chapter Five: A Case of You

It came as soon as it had the chance to attack. Of course, I was ripe for such a knockout; I was (and still am) after all vulnerable for any kind of virus or decease that usually come my way within foreign soil. The last time I was in Hong Kong, I ate some bad street food, and was able to obtain a mild case of food poisoning for the remainder of my stay. Well, now that I've had my run with food poisoning, five weeks out of this year, just passed... something much more sickening has struck, something that I thought I was actually pretty immune to.

This bug that I got hit me hard this past weekend... Sunday to be exact. I received it in my first week in this city. He sat next to me during a dinner with one of my friends my first Friday nght, and I guess, it's fair to say, that he passed it on. With bad food you know if its good for you or not... or let me rephrase that... with "good" food, you know if it's bad for you and you really shouldn't be eating it because it will continue making you sick. He and I went out for walks around the city center. We watched a movie, a good really scary movie. We also had some tea and desserts at some hole in the wall but very trendy bar. It was one of those walks around the city where you thought that the night was never going to end, in a good way. But as all nights go, they eventually do end. There was more of the bug being passed on for sure.

Bugs come and go. And so did this experience. This was a kind of drug-induced type of sickness that I haven't really felt in such a long time. I think High School was the last time I've felt it... maybe even the first semester of College. Back then the bug would slowly erode my health, my sanity, and my heart... and in return, I became fierce, strong, and utterly protective, fatalistic, and without hope or want. As soon as I arrived in Hong Kong, I meet new people, and one of them has affected me in a way that I thought my armor was able to bounce it right off. Yes it's inexplicable. But how does one really begin to put a science on anything as random as, getting food poisoning, or meeting someone by chance and falling for them in such a short, fast, and quick period of time?

It hurt last Sunday when I didn't receive the usual messages... (usual for a week and half of this "flu".) It's Wednesday today, and I've sort of learned how to deal, but then again, lke all stomach virses, this one has almost run its course. The name has been erased from the phone book and the messages have been deleted. The realization has intesified... that moving to Hong Kong has left me open to all sorts of experiences and senses that are not only new but in more ways than before, magnified to the umpteenth level... pain, surprise, rewards, frustation, confusion, and joy. This is one of them, and it's one of the firsts.

My office mate, Susan (not her real name), is taking a sick-leave tomorrow due to a throat virus she has recently received. Well... I think it's passed on to me. My only fear is, that in a new place like Hong Kong, I'm not immune to anything.


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